Cross-University IT Groups Announce Principles for Governance

October 19, 2022

As part of a strategic objective to mature IT governance, senior IT leaders from across the university gathered to develop principles for collaboration across the various IT units. Through a series of workshops over the past couple of years, IT leaders from the professional schools, library, and ITS developed stakeholder-driven principles to guide decision making about institution-wide and divisionally-provided IT services.

The resulting three principles provide a framework for decision making for IT leaders regarding how their services are structured across shared and limited models and should be considered when drafting business cases, project charters, or other planning:

  1. We prioritize early engagement and shared decision-making with IT peers on systems and services that have potential for institution-wide impact.
  2. We collaborate to deliver to the university community secure, IT systems with shared accountability and federated administration.
  3. We innovate and design services and support to meet the needs of our communities and proactively reach out to peer IT teams to explore collaboration opportunities

In 2022, a plan was drafted to put principles into practice using a technology standards format and a small working group. The same three principles have also been integrated into the Technical Architecture scoring criteria for prospective HSIS projects.